Woman flees Illinois with child, violating visitation agreement

Child custody cases are complex, and the battle for rights over a child in Illinois may not always be between a mother and a father. In some cases when a parent is not present, is deceased or is disabled, the grandparents of a child may request visitation rights in order to maintain a bond with their grandchild. In these instances, a judge will determine if the grandparents should be awarded visitation rights and a schedule will be agreed upon that each party must lawfully follow.

Failing to adhere to a visitation schedule or a child custody agreement is a serious matter and one could face prison time for violating visitation and custody agreements. A woman who recently fled Illinois with her child has now been jailed and faces nine counts of unlawful child visitation interference for her actions.

In 2008, the woman was in the process of divorcing her husband. The two were fighting for custody of their baby daughter, but everything changed when the woman’s husband was shot and killed. The woman then had custody of her child, but the murdered husband’s parents requested to have grandparent visitation rights.

In September 2010, an Illinois judge finally granted grandparent visitation rights to the murdered husband’s parents. However, in November 2010, the mother of the child stopped adhering to the order and left Illinois with her 3-year-old daughter.

On March 1, an Illinois judge issued a warrant for the woman’s arrest after she failed to show up at a hearing regarding the visitation order she had violated. The woman was arrested in Florida and will be brought back to Illinois where the child visitation case will resume once the woman is released from jail.

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