Understanding How Sole Custody Laws In Florida Work

While someone may be able to get sole parental responsibility in certain situations in Florida, sole custody is no longer an option in Florida. To head this route, a person will need the services of a good custody attorney. Trying to get sole parental responsibility can be a lengthy process. If the other parent is unreliable or unstable, then this may be a realistic option.

Sole Parental Responsibility

Sole Parental Responsibility is closely aligned with time sharing. Time sharing is considered the time that parents actually spend with the child. To get rid of the custody battles over which parent was the primary, a new bill was established that started the concept of parental time sharing and responsibility instead of custody and visitation. The Florida Governor signed the bill to help make the concept sound more pleasant.

Parental responsibility explains who makes the decisions concerning the child, such as their medical care and schooling. Each parent should be informed of any issues in the child’s life. The courts may award sole parental responsibility in cases where parents are arguing over serious issues, such as a medical procedure. Some parents feel that sole custody is similar to trying to terminate the rights of the other parent. However, that is simply not the case. Even in the most extreme circumstances, both parents will be allowed supervised visitation.

The courts may use provisions to protect the best interests of the child. One parent would have the ability to make decisions over the other one. There is a push in the Florida House and Senate to mandate equal parenting time for each parent.

Other Strategies To Consider

Dependency Court is an option, with its own court. In dependency court, the majority of custody issues are taken care of. In most cases, Child Protective Services is involved, because there are parents who have abandoned or neglected their children. Dependency courts are known to award sole custody to a parent, and is one place where sole custody actually involves the other parent being totally cut off.

Parents also have the option of using a parent plan that uses principles similar to sole custody. There must be paperwork to show the courts if the parents agree to change the parenting plan at some point. Work with a custody attorney to create a good plan.

Terminating Parental Rights

Requests to terminate the parental rights of the other parents are risky and can be a lengthy process. Under regular circumstances, a parent is not allowed to consent unless there is a step parent adoption.

Getting Sole Custody

The Florida courts prefer not to deal with sole custody cases. Its important for parents to decide what their desires are, and how important getting sole custody is. Think about the financial outcomes of this situation and check to see if there are any reasonable alternatives.

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