Requesting A Copy Of Divorce Papers In Florida

Florida county court websites are the best resource for information about how to request a copy of divorce papers in the state of Florida. The divorce had to be granted in Florida, otherwise it will not be on record. Both VitalChek and the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics provide certificates of divorce, while county courts provide divorce decrees and divorce records. For proof of a name change or to get married again, divorce certificates and divorce reports are adequate because they contain the most basic information. If more details are needed, a divorce decree contains the final divorce judgment and a divorce record captures all information about the divorce proceedings as they occurred.

Certificate Of Divorce

For recent divorce cases, the website VitalChek will provide a certified copy of a divorce certificate obtained through the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics. Certificates can be ordered for individuals involved in the case or for immediate family members. A search for a certificate on VitalChek requires the state (Florida), city, date, name and the reason for the request. Sometimes an identification document like a driver’s license or passport is required to complete the transaction. VitalChek charges a fee and a secure payment can be made through the website. The Florida county courts only keep divorce records for 60 days before sending them to the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics, so if a case is more than two months old, the request should go to the Bureau.

Divorce Report

A divorce report can be requested directly from the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics. This simpler document will not actually include the divorce decree or a complete record of the case proceedings, but it’s an adequate legal document to prove that the individuals are divorced. To request this report, a signed letter should be mailed to the Bureau including the names of the individuals in the case, the date of the divorce and the county where the divorce was granted. The letter should also include the writer’s full name, mailing address and daytime phone number. For a fee, the Bureau can search for an exact date within a range if the date of the divorce is uncertain. A fee is required for each certified report requested, as well as an additional fee for urgent orders. The mailing address for the Bureau is Bureau of Vital Statistics, Attn: Vital Record Section, P.O. Box 210, Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042.

Divorce Record Or Decree

The circuit court clerk of the county in which the divorce was granted can provide a copy of the divorce record or the divorce decree. The document can be ordered online through the county court website after a search for the record. To order the document by mail, a written request including the case number, case year and the names of the individuals involved should be sent to the county court. If the case number is unknown, a search can be done for a fee. There is a processing fee per page and a certification fee per document. The request should be mailed with payment and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Copies can also be requested in person during business hours at the county circuit clerk’s office.