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Establishing paternity or excluding paternity is important for parents, as well as children. Once paternity is established, children are granted inheritance rights, as well as the Social Security benefits and veteran’s benefits, if applicable. Child support and child custody issues (parental responsibility and timesharing) are also established once paternity is determined.

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Uncontested paternity claims – Even if paternity has previously been established by admission or otherwise, it is still necessary to obtain a court order establishing child support, determining parental responsibility (child custody) and establishing a parenting plan which will set forth the parties entitlement to timesharing with the child.

Contested paternity – When paternity is contested, it is imperative to seek legal representation. In contested paternity cases the court has the power to compel presumptive parents and the child to submit to DNA paternity testing. The results will determine whether a parent has a legal right to shared parental responsibility and timesharing (child custody) and permits the court to determine each parent’s obligation for child support.

Our firm represents fathers and mothers in paternity actions. We understand the significance that established paternity has upon the lives of children and families.