Modification of Child Support and Custody and Alimony

Oftentimes after a family law action is concluded one party will experience an unforeseen financial set-back or will have a significant unforeseen increase in income. These types of unforeseen financial circumstances may qualify for a modification of alimony (assuming alimony was previously awarded by the Court) and/or child support.  Additionally, circumstances involving the children may likewise change warranting a change in parental responsibility or timesharing.  At Baker & Zimmerman, we have significant experience representing clients seeking modifications of alimony, child support or timesharing and/or parental responsibility (custody issues). Our attorneys routinely help clients assess these types of changes in circumstance to determine whether a request for modification may be successful.

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Alimony, child support and child custody orders may be modified only by court order. Florida courts require a substantial, unforeseen, material changes in the circumstances of either party to grant these types of modifications.

We work closely with our clients to understand how their circumstances have changed and understand how to present changes to the court to achieve our client’s goals, either by agreement or with court intervention.

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If your circumstances or the other party’s circumstances have changed and you are considering seeking a modification of a alimony, child custody and/or child support order, please contact Baker & Zimmerman. We can be reached by phone, by e-mail, or by filling out the confidential in-take form on our Contact Us page.