The end of a marriage is emotionally difficult, even if you know it is the right decision for everyone involved. However, deciding your marriage is over is only the first step. The next step is to legally end your marriage.

Navigating the legal system during such a difficult time in your life can seem overwhelming and the amount of misinformation floating around is astounding. You should not take legal advice from your family or friends unless they have legal training. Just because a person has gone through a divorce, does not make them qualified to advise you on your divorce.

The issues and circumstances in each divorce are different and the law often changes. I have 25 years of family law experience and I have helped countless clients not only navigate the legal issues involved in their divorce, but also the emotional pitfalls.

I welcome the opportunity to speak to you about your specific issues, circumstances and goals so that together we can develop a strategy to obtain the outcome you desire.

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